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10 Ways to be Creative this Summer

10 Ways to be Creative this Summer

Does summertime make you feel creative and want to try new things? Or do you just like to have fun in the sun? I like both, so I’m taking a break from blogging after this post until after Labor Day.

What will You be Doing for Creative Fun this Summer?

Summer is a great time to try things you might not normally do. Here are my suggestions for being creative this summer.

1.Build a Sandcastle or a…

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How Can you Convert Failure into a Learning Experience?

How Can you Convert Failure into a Learning Experience?


failure (Photo credit: tinou bao)

Converting failure into a learning experience sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  Think again.

Being afraid of failure is a common human trait. For artists, the fear is usually greater as their persona is often embodied in their work for all to see. Although of course that’s not true. What we write, or paint, or sculpt, is not who we are. But it is hard not…

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